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Best National Lottery Scratchcards to Buy 2021

​Whilst at Scratchcard Winners, we have our own opinions on the best scratchcards to buy in the UK in 2021, we’re pretty sure each and every one of you reading this will have a different opinion to us.

Whilst there are many other ways you can make millions, there are only a few scratchcard jackpots that would make you a millionaire.

And then you might choose to ditch the real things for online scratchcards – so where should you play?

Therefore, we’ve split this article up into different categories of the best scratch cards to buy.

National Lottery Scratchcards – How the Odds Work

Let’s start off by discussing National Lottery scratchcards. Of course, we are experts in these paper-based games; we do write about them all the time.

One of the main things about these scratchcards that is crucial for players is the scratchcard odds.

On the back of all National Lottery scratch cards, there is lots of information about rules and game procedure.

At the top of the scratchcard, underneath the range of prizes that can be won, displays a sentence. For example, on the back of the Diamond Riches scratch card, the full sentence is:


These are the odds of winning any prize on this scratchcard.

To explain further, it means on average, if you were to buy 4.24 scratchcards, you win once.

However, this is the overall odds of winning on ALL the scratchcards of the same game in circulation. It does NOT mean you are guaranteed a win every 4.24 scratchcards!

So, now we’ve covered that, let’s get into it and rank the best National Lottery scratch cards.

Best National Lottery Scratch Card Odds

Before we start, we are going to make the general comment that the scratch cards with the best odds of winning are the more expensive scratchcards.

Although this isn’t always the case, it makes it easier to compare 2021 National Lottery scratchcards – we compare them all below!

For example, take the £1 Cash Grid scratchcard which has odds of winning any prize at 1 in 4.50, whereas the new £5 Super 7s scratchcard has odds of 1 in 3.56.

Because the cost of the £5 scratch card is higher, players are rewarded with better scratchcard odds compared to the £1 scratchcard.

Best National Lottery Scratchcard Card

For each section below, we are going to discuss the range of top prizes available, best scratchcard odds and best game design for each of the four price points currently available to buy:

£1 Scratchcards

Let’s start off with the cheapest of all National Lottery scratchcards – the £1 game.

There are plenty of different games to choose from here, with jackpots prizes on this game varying from £50 all the way up to £100,000.

For most people, the £1 scratchcards with the £100,000 prize will be the most recognisable game; after all, they are pretty much the same except for being a different colour.

Take the £100,000 Pink scratchcard as shown below; over 60,000,000 of the games in circulation across the UK and with 10 jackpots of £100,000 up for grabs:

Although they are the same price, there are different prize amounts that can be won, including the jackpot. At the time of writing, there are 8 different £1 scratchcards in circulation.

However, if you are looking for better odds on a £1 scratchcard, you might want to one of the new Cash Tripler 2020 scratchcards.

Yes, the odds might be slightly better than the £100,000 Pink scratchcard mentioned above, but the top prize is significantly reduced and there are less jackpots available!

£2 Scratchcards

Double the price of the £1 scratchcards, but definitely more than double the fun! The range of £2 scratchcard games available to buy is always expanding, with great jackpots and a range of different games to try out.

You might fancy you luck at a classic scratchcard design such as the £250,000 Orange scratchcard – the top prize of any £2 scratchcard available (at the time of writing).

Or you might fancy your chances of winning a jackpot prize, even though it might only be £100. Such as the top prize available on the aptly named £100 Loaded scratchcard.

£3 Scratchcards

£3 scratchcards provide a love/hate relationship with scratchcard players.

Whilst they provide more entertainment in terms of length of time to play, they can prove tricky to check if you’ve won.

We get messages daily from regular scratchcard players that often don’t understand if they’ve won or not, so we suggest reading our scratchcard checker article if you need some help or if you are ever unsure.

There are often less £3 scratchcards in circulation compared to £2 scratchcards, but you can expect to win up to £300,000 if you hit a jackpot!

£5 Scratchcards

If you’re playing £5 scratchcards, you are probably playing for a chance to win the big money – up to £1,000,000 for finding a jackpot winning scratchcard is available here.

But there are also a few other games, with some rather peculiar prizes.

Take any of the £5 scratchcards with the £500 jackpots – the Festive £500s scratchcard for example.

Or even the new Win £5, £10, £20 or £50 scratchcard, where the maximum you can win is just £50 per scratchcard!

£10 Scratchcards

It used to be possible to buy £10 scratchcards in shops – just like any other scratchcard – until they were removed from sale in 2019.

Prizes used to be massive – £2 million or £4 million – depending on the scratchcard game you played!

The best chance of winning an amount this big on a scratchcard, is to consider online scratchcards – covered below!

Best Online Scratchcards

National Lottery scratchcards are good fun, but they have their limitations.

New National Lottery scratchcard games are released roughly every month, and even then theres only four or five released at a time. And you can only buy them by being in a physical store – not the best thing to be doing whilst there is a global pandemic!

But fortunately, the number of online scratchcard providers continues to increase, with a greater range of price points, better odds AND signup offers and bonuses for trying out a new provider.

Isn’t it time you seriously considered online scratchcards?

You can check out our reviews for the best online scratchcard providers and sign up offers below:

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