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40+ Charlotte Spots for Dog Pictures with Santa

You know your dog best. Consider your four-legged friend’s comfort around crowds, noise and other dogs before venturing out to these events – and remember not all humans are as eager to say hello as your dog can be. Dogs should be leashed and vaccinated unless otherwise noted.

It’s truth time, Queen City pup parents: Is your dog on the naughty or nice list this year?

(Kidding. We know they’re all the best boys and girls, at least as far as Santa is concerned.)

The man in red isn’t the only one who’s been busy making lists. From dog bars and pet stores to shopping malls, breweries and holiday happenings, here’s your guide to when and where you can get dog pictures with Santa at 40+ Charlotte spots this Christmas.

Tips for getting your best Dog Santa Pics

A little pup picture prep can go a long way. Here are three things to consider:

  • Brush up on sit and stay. They’re likely the first commands you learned together, but can be easy for your dog to forget around a lot of activity. Tune up the basics before you go.
  • Pick a place your dog is comfortable. If your pup is shy or hasn’t ever sat for pictures with Santa, try visiting ahead of time or choosing a location you’ve been before to help your dog ease in.
  • Don’t force it. This should be a fun experience for both of you. If your pup’s scared or stressed or just way too excited, call it quits and try again a different day.
From dog bars and pet stores to shopping malls and holiday happenings, here’s your ultimate list of where to take dog pictures with Santa this Christmas. ]]>