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EuroJackpot Statistics

EuroJackpot Winnings Statistics

Many people take lotto statistics into account before choosing their EuroJackpot numbers. Some believe that popular numbers which are regularly drawn have a better chance of appearing in future draws. Others are convinced that you should bet on numbers which haven’t been drawn for a long time, as they believe these must be ‘due’ to appear soon. However, the fact is that EuroJackpot statistics show that all numbers have exactly the same chance of being drawn.

Highest jackpot paid out to a single person

Total sum of payouts until today

Highest number of shared 1st tier winners all time

Highest number of shared 1st tier winners current year

Highest number of rollovers

Amount of Jackpot winners current year

Highest Jackpots per year

Highest Jackpot of each year and when it was won

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