is the powerball rigged

Is the Powerball rigged?

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Here is how they rig it.

Computer takes all the numbers in. Then they find the sequence not selected or the ticket/person they want to win. And here is when the fun starts. They have a series of heavy balls with all the numbers and another series of lighter balls. The lighter balls are the numbers they want to be picked so they add those to the pot with the heaver balls they don’t want selected. The lighter balls get pulled up for the pick. In addition for more evidence of fraud, Look at every holiday season you see the Powerball and Mega Millions grow to extremely higher winning amounts like on cue.

It is definitely rigged

First how do you know it’s live, They could easily record a bunch of numbers being drawn and then they know what numbers are not picked by the machines, So they wait until the deadline before drawing see what numbers aren’t played then pull a video with said those numbers untill it gets up in the amount, Then just pay someone to win, It should be drawn in a stadium with thousands watching, I bet the random person is not allowed to watch in person the numbers being drawn, My uncle has been playing the same set of 5 numbers for 20 years and he has never even got third place. Something should be done

Powerball announces they will make changes and states when the winner will be in April 2020

Powerball posted a statement that they would decrease the initial and increases after the winner in April 2020. Their statement told everyone that o no one won in the next drawing it would increase. They physically stated the date of the winner.

They know all the numbers sold it is electronic. They rig the balls to facilitate the take. No different than a casino.

Powerball stated they were losing money due to COVID 19 and sluggish sales. They stated the winning date and now offering less growth in the old powerball.

It is all casino backroom politics.

The wealthy don’t play they get better odds in Vegas at Caesar’s. At least there they get a call girl a Michelin chef and a penthouse suite

100 percent it’s fixed

Just observe the winning numbers. Four or five games in a row having one number repeating from the previous drawing. Hell, It’s not random but rigged. Very easy for them to do that. Pick five winning balls that are lighter then others and can reach the hole on the top.

Definitely a scam. Worst slight-of-hand ever.

First, The quickpik random number generator only prints out a select number of “random numbers”. A few million or so, To prevent the same number from showing up on a multiple ticket.
Second, A “winning” set of numbers is selected after the closing of sales from the list of unsold numbers.
Third, Those numbered balls are stored under the machine bowl before the drawing in the “Secret Vault”.
Fourth, On live TV, Those balls are then fed, One at a time, Up through the “smoke screen” of bouncing balls in the bowl.

I posted the one before this

Reading the other replies just reminds me I live in NYC where out of the 12 million people who commute through this city daily there’s at least a good 5 million tickets bought in the state, By people of all demographics, & backgrounds. . . Now you’re telling me this state hasn’t seen, A story of a drug addict or homeless person who has won? The homeless & drug addicts buy the most tickets of any background or lifestyle. & I’m positive those numbers aren’t even close, Yet it never happens. I’m sure they seen the FEW stories of lotto winners going crazy & just decided they would be the gatekeepers of something that should have been for alll from the start.

Why do we do NOTHING

The bigger more embarrassing problem is the fact that people buy into this belief of the American Dream with what our constitution describes as a “PURSUIT OF HAPINESS” yet it’s the exact opposite, It’s robbing people of their dreams while having people work towards achieving, None of that dream. It’s more than just a scam, They all should be taken to prison for selling out their people hoping to achieve their own dream. But like everything that’s wrong in this country people will do nothing but complain.

Of course it’s rigged what is everyone else just paranoid?

Repeating quick pick tickets and the fact a computer just picks the numbers with a rng should indicate a winner sooner. Odds are stated as I see it one in 300+ million so it’s a huge cycle that has variance like all gambling. If you take video poker the odds of the royal flush are 1/43, 000 generally speaking a player can expect to see one in that time frame, But may get 2 or 3 and even 0 but it gets interesting. . The fact remains in 3 video poker cycles the odds of a player not seeing one jackpot are very low and after that it get’s even lower. You have luck on the both sides here just like the powerball so assume 30% of the population plays the game religiously, And often buys more than one ticket so that 30% just boosted to a probable 100 to 130% of the us population 300+ million basically the same odds of winning or better.

We should see multiple winners often in each cycle, Sometimes no winner but rarely so many blank cycles just look it up! 3 or 4 times without a winner is the norm which can happen but it’s consistent and that’s never the case with gambling and numbers. Over the course of a year we should see more winners so repeating numbers, Or foul play is most likely the culprit with a rigged RNG some of the time as a choice so it builds up then they just let the game play out normally til you get a winner. In a nut shell half the time you play the lotto you don’t have crazy odds to win you actually have 0% by design!

Big winning is fake.

It seems to me that people who are already rich or well off win big. When is the last time some regular person who has no ties to any media or politicians has won? Just some regular drunk who bought their ticket with their 6 pack and a pack of smokes. I don’t even think its rigged. Its just fake. I think they report such and such won but they don’t actually get any money. They already had money. Or it was inherited or however. Now, They probably do give out maybe up to $20k just to keep everyone believing. The most I’ve won is $100. $20k will keep me playing but I have never met anyone who won millions. You would think I would at least know of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who won big but I don’t. I am extremely skeptical. And, I honestly don’t think a lot of people play until the jackpot is big. Where does the money come from to make it big?

Look at the Statistics

2018 saw some of the highest jackpots recorded in both Powerball and Megamillions. If you look at one series of the drawing, Meaning from the time the pot resets until it is hit again, This has in some cases, Lasted for months. We’re talking 10-15 where drawings where no one has hit.

When the jackpot is low fewer people are playing. However, Once that some gets higher, More people start buying in, And buying in on multiple tickets. If you were to follow how much these pots jumped in value between drawings, It would be safe to assume that anywhere from 30-50% of the potential winning combinations are sold. Here is how they rig it.

1) They sell repeat numbers all across the country, Cutting down on the percent of potential winning combinations. (they just sell the same numbers over and over and over thereby reducing the chances as a whole). The supercomputers involved in “randomly” picks know which numbers have been given out. When “they” don’t want a winner the computers delve out reused combinations of numbers (repeats) and the same sets of numbers all over. By doing this, Jackpots climb higher, More people “buy” in and sales go up. Eventually jackpots get so high that the odds become undeniable where 60+% of the combinations are sold. EVEN THEN these greedy people STILL haven’t been letting people win, Hence the ever increasing record setting jackpots.

This is how the “rig it” for people not to win. When they do want someone to win, They send winning combinations to more affluent areas, Or areas with elderly demographics. That way the old people get taxed on the winnings, And taxed again when they pass away in 5-10 years. This would account for the seemingly disproportionate number of elderly winning major jackpots.

This list doesn’t even include the false advertisement in this industry where “Jackpots” can be advertised at 2-3 times their ACTUAL cash value, AND NOT INCLUDING TAXES!

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