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If you want to bet on lotteries online and you want to know how lotteries work and how you can bet on lotto’s from around the world you can bet on single ticket or play group play or syndicate lotto

I am playing this since last month. I win only 5 euro. Every time I was near to win but I think it’s not possible.

Waiting for free tkt😀😀😀😀😀to win. I know one day I will win.

Thanks so much for sending us this review.

I have a feeling some good luck is coming your way soon, and I am hoping that your next entry holds the winning numbers!

I really like your attitude, and I hope that you win the Jackpot!


I have win 400Euro on 6th Jan 2021 EI Nino ticket. But Lotto247 has provided only 40 Euro. My ticket no 10469. The 69 no is my win 400Euro. So many mails have put but till time no solving my issue. And I have not accepted 40 Euro. Please solve my issue.

Thanks so much for getting in touch with us and congratulations on your winnings.

I have reviewed your account, and I can see that you purchased a single entry into the Raffle. (This is called a Decimo.) A purchase of a book contains 10 entries, and if you had purchased a book then you would have won 400.00 Euros.

Due to the fact that you purchased a Decimo, you won one tenth of the prize, which is 40.00 Euros.

I hope that this has helped clear things up for you. You are welcome to write back to us at any time for any more assistance.

I have been playing Lotto247 for one month but not won any lottery(except 1.67 euros for one Powerball match). I tried to withdraw the amount but there were only two options, one was to buy the tickets and the other was to donate to charity. There was no option to withdraw to my bank account. Although my lotto account was having money less than 12 euros. Will there be 3rd option if the winning amount is more than 12 euros…??
Until now Lotto247 team has not asked about my banking details to withdraw the amount. When they are going to ask the details.

Thank you so much for your review and for checking in with us.

You are indeed correct in your understanding. Should you win 12 Euros or more, you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

The withdrawal option will only appear once you have earned these winnings.

Once the withdrawal option is available, you will be requested to submit your banking details or choose a payout through a web wallet.

I trust that I have helped with your query, and my wish is that you are able to win big and test this out for yourself soon!

Hi this is from India …I am using this site for last few months …still didn’t win any amount yet…but hope u may win soon with some handsome amount with lotto247 ….thanks for at least giving path of dream comes true life to each one of us

Thank you so much for sending us your review.

We are so happy to have you playing on our website! I am wishing you all the luck in the world for your next entry, and for you to pick the lucky numbers!

Have a super day!

Vidhya prakash Dhawan

I am playing on lotto247 from months I get 1 time 16.5 euro and 1 time 12 euro. I think lotto 247 is the best.

Thanks so much for your review!

I am so happy that you have been winning and enjoying the website! I do hope that there are more winnings coming your way!

I agree with you, Lotto247 is the best! Good luck for your next entry.

It’s a legitimate site, but I didn’t win till now

Thank you so much for this review.

Your winning day could be just around the corner! Try and play a new lottery, or change your number selection if you want to change things up a bit.

I hope that there is some magic coming your way soon!

Hi lotto247
It’s my first time when I participate in such things in my life. I read some articles on google and suddenly I visit the website and purchase mega million lottery ticket. I have lots of hope this time to be relief from all my problems.
The days are not so far when I will a huge money.

Thank you for sending us this review.

I really like your positive outlook and I hope that you choose those lucky numbers soon!

Best of luck to you.

arvindkumar rajkumar pal

Good site from Lotto247 online lotteries

Thank you for this wonderful review.

We love having you play with us and I am so grateful that you enjoy our website.

Best of luck to you for your next entry!

I highly recommended lotto247, base on my a month ago experience though I have not won yet a prize yet I do feel in heart that they are good on dealing their client or player, good luck to all of us player… keep it up lotto 247 you are highly appreciated by me and my family and friends

Wow, thank you for this lovely review! How great it is to hear that you are enjoying our website. We really do value our players, and I am hoping that your next entry you will pick the lucky numbers! I am wishing you all the luck in the world.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you ever needing assistance!

I’m playing lotto247 for the last one year but didn’t win anything.

Thanks for your feedback.

I am so sorry to hear that you have not had any winnings as yet. Do not give up as it only takes one time to win big! Do you choose the same numbers each time? Why not change things up a bit and select some quick picks, or try some new number selections.

Here is to hoping your next entry is the lucky one!

Am playing from last 5 months only one time I won. It’s good, I have a doubt if I win jackpot how much will u charge.

Thank you for submitting your question. I am so glad that you have already had a win!

The great news is that we do not charge any commission on winnings. There are certain federal taxes involved with certain lotteries, whilst others are tax free.

You are welcome to contact us via the website if you wish to query a particular lottery. We are always here to answer any questions you may have.

Mohammed Siddik Shaikh

I’m playing lotto247 from last 6month …an I received some small prizes…lotto247 is really good ..u can play …an enjoyed the game …

Thanks for your review!

I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying your Lotto247 experience and that you’ve earned some winnings! Hopefully, there’s more where that came from 🙂

Have a beautiful day and keep safe!

Dear Sir
How to withdraw funds from lotto 247 please tell me sir

Lotto247 is trustworthy and reliable.
I’m playing lotteries for the last 4 months.
But so far didn’t win any prize.
I have read a lot of about Lotto 247 from Google so it is a trustworthy platform for online lotteries.

I’m happy to hear about your experience with us being satisfactory so far!

Hopefully, we’ll have the pleasure of seeing you win big with us in the future. Until then, we wish you all the best!

I’ve been playing for Lotto247 for about 2 years, during that time I won some small prizes and I had no problems receiving. I believe it is reliable because it works with the insurance system, which guarantees the payment of large premiums. Now we just have to win. With the payment of a big lottery prize online, you can give everyone a thumbs up, without a doubt.

I am really glad to hear that you’ve had the chance to enjoy some prizes with us!

Fingers crossed here at Lotto247 for the next one being the jackpot prize, which would indeed be a smooth payment process via our insurance system 🙂

Have a good one and best of luck with your future entries!

I am from India… in trible area. I am playing the last three-four months but no win single penny yet. Lotto247 responding well. Just waiting for a big win and lotto247 be ready for a big five star review.

Thanks for your review!

We’re glad to have you be part of the Lotto247 family! I hope for a big win to come your way soon, and that you spread the word 🙂

I have added a free SuperEna Max voucher to your balance which you can use to play – and hopefully, win!

Have a great weekend and good luck.

I am trying to win a big amount. I trust lotto247.

Thank you for the 5 stars, that’s very kind of you!

I’m really pleased that you trust us, and chose to go with Lotto247 in the pursuit of a life-changing jackpot win. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for your dreams to come true!

Have an awesome day, Dinabandhu!

I’m really impressed with LOTTO as I like to play and anticipate for the results in my favor. Hope soon I win big. Bless me Lotto soon.

Thanks for your review!

From the Lotto247 team, we wish you the best of luck playing. Hopefully, we’ll help make you a winner soon!

Have a great day, Ravi.

Last time I have withdrawn a sum of money from lotto247 it took me about 3 days to receive them via bank transfer. It was a small sum of 20 euros for testing purposes.
As far as betting vs actually buying the tickets I believe for some lotteries they buy tickets and for others they bet like the Powerball Plus and Megamillions MAX but I’m not sure.
I don’t think is a scam because is owned and operated by Secure View Ltd., which has been in business since 2004.

Thank you for giving us 5 stars!

I’m really happy to hear that you have had a smooth experience here at Lotto247 and very much hope you get the chance to withdraw a jackpot-sized amount soon.

Lotto247 does make use of both betting and buying services, depending on many internal and external factors that create a seamless playing experience. This is of course with a winnings guarantee, irrelevant to betting or buying! We have many years of expertise behind us and glad to hear that we’re trusted by you.

Thanks again for your review and have an awesome day!

Writing from Sweden. I haven’t won any “big money” yet so far, but after I’ve read the article with a lot of sensible interrogations and all those mostly negative comments about, I don’t know what to think! I suggest lotto should read the article and those comments and then answer them.

Thanks for your review, and all the way from Sweden at that!

Our team is continuously improving its presence here in the comments and are more than happy to address reviews both positive and negative. The ongoing questions about withdrawals and winnings are something I can assure you (and any readers) of being treated with care to ensure that our business complies with the necessary regulations before issuing a payment.

The customer service team is always glad to address individual customer cases as well as respond to any broader questions about our services as well. You can always get in touch at hello @ if that is the case.

Thanks again for reminding us to stay present here, Michel. Wishing you a great day and best of luck!

I play many times on lotto 247 and sometimes I’m very close to winning when I check the numbers which I played but in last when draw compiled all information automatically deleted. So how I trust on this site.

Thank you for your review!

Your information about played entries can always be found in your transaction history – and as Ranjith has mentioned, too, you should have an email confirming both your purchase and ensuing results from the draw.

If you believe there might be something wrong or incorrect on your account, please contact our friendly customer service team at hello @ and we will be happy to help you further.

Anyways you have received mail confirmation from them right. Once you purchase the lottery ticket

Thank you for your help in answering questions in the comments!

Wishing you all the best and hope you let me know via hello @l if there is anything we can do to make your experience better with us.

My experience with lotto247 has been actually quite pleasing, the live chat people are very nice especially Pedro, but everyone is very nice, I’m still to win big, so I cross my fingers. I like that I can use my winnings to play again.

I’ve played on Lotto247 for the last 6 months or so. Their customer service is super friendly and always helps me out when I can’t find my way. I made a withdrawal of € 250 to my bank account which I could only do after verifying my details with them, but that’s normal I think. Quick and easy process, no complaints.

I advised, suggest and request you all not to put even your single penny in this fraud site
I am playing in this site deposited several times and waste my time to play instant win game and one day I won sum of 256 euros what I happily made request for withdrawal and very next day these people were asked for my bank statement and identity proof for verification to deposit my amount with requested amount
I waited and finished my all formalities then after they told me to wait for 10 working days
I mailed and waited for 35 days and one day after many mail and commitments they sent me a mail to revert my amount in to my account for request again
Now when I am trying to open my account it is block, several times I tried but nothing happened
Many promise many dreams and childish excuses for your prize money when you request for withdrawal

Thank you for sharing your story!

As you are aware, we endeavoured to pay your winnings to you and issued your payment upon verifying your personal details such as you describe. However, the bank details supplied by you were incorrect and we requested you to complete them after our payment was rejected by your bank.

After your withdrawal was unsuccessful, you since played through the funds.

While the payment process itself could have been quicker, it is impossible for us to successfully pay you if the details supplied are incorrect or incomplete. That is why we urge our customers to carefully complete the necessary banking details upon requesting a withdrawal.

Your account is still active with us and you are more than welcome to play and continue winning, Aslam.

Should you want to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to write me on hello @

Been a member for some time and I even won a few times.

I usually just use their instant win feature games too, but I have won small prizes in the lotteries as well.

I didn’t try cashing out my prizes yet as they were fairly low, but it seems to be a working site.

I also had a bank transfer of 75 euro done into my lotto247 account and when it didn’t show up after 4 or 5 days I contacted them with the details of the transfer and the money was submitted to my account the next day.

Really good service and friendly one too.

I’ve been using Lotto247 ever since Luckylotto times and i’ve never had any issues with them, once i was even lucky enough to win 410 Euro which i chose to withdraw to my Bank account, before this i had to verify my identity of course which was stress free and easily done by sending some pictures to them to prove who i am. The money was in my account after 9 days of wait. Their customer support has always been 10/10 for me, kind and very understanding of the questions o pose to them as well.

I paid for 70 entries. 2 per week for 35 weeks. After 8 weeks they just cancelled my tickets.

Trying to contact but pretty impossible.

I joined lotto 247 2 weeks ago and all seemed to be okay and legit, but before 2 days trying to log into their website has been so far no response, I keep getting the message no response.
What has happened, I don’t know.

They asked me through the emails confidential data of the card, including sending them pictures of the card used. I do not think there is a bank in the world that would allow such a thing. A bad experience.

Dillip kumar Behera is currently, the best lotto service provider in the international lotto market, pure, reliable, user friendly, trustworthy and scam free as well, deposits to withdrawal is purely transparent, the customer support is really supportive, though it is a betting site, but highly recommended.

Lotto247 is a rip off organisation that should be avoided. I found that out when I tried to transfer winnings to my debit card account, being told that this is not possible. Only a savings account of cheque account can be used. I have neither. But Lotto247 had not said anything about that when the confirmed the transfer was being done and would reach my account within 10 days. I now have to waste a lot of time arguing and asking their CEO to step in and sort them out. So my recommendation is – don’t use them

Wish you had mentioned how the paid out is made… I had enquired about it and they told me that the amount will be deposited to your Neteller account (which have a limit of 50k$) and above that they only do bank transfer only on international bank located in Europe…

Rate and tell us what you think Cancel Reply

Lotto247 Exposed — What Can You Win There?

Lotto247 Review

Formerly called, Lotto247 is an online betting site. There, that’s everything you need to know about it!

Just kidding, we’re just getting started with a comprehensive Lotto247 review that will make it clear exactly what you can expect from the platform and the Lotto247 app.

For a start, it’s a bit difficult to understand what Lotto247 is all about. That’s because the platform itself doesn’t make that clear. If you dig through the terms and conditions (much like we did, however), you will discover that it switches between a lottery betting website and an online lottery agency. Yes, the hybrid approach is innovative, but it can get confusing.

So, are you buying lottery tickets for international games that will allow you to claim actual prizes from the particular game? Let’s try to answer these questions in the following Lotto 247 review.

Games at Lotto 247

Currently, Lotto247 lottery offers players access to 12 of the world’s most popular games – El Gordo, Euro Jackpot, Euromillions, France Lotto, SuperEnalotto, the UK Lottery, La Primitiva, Lotto 6aus49, Mega Millions, Mega Sena, Oz Lotto, and Powerball.

When you check out the terms and conditions, you will come across the following gem: “the company will conclude the purchase of lottery game entries at your request; alternatively, the company will accept a bet provided that you satisfy the terms of this agreement.”

So, the confusion gets even bigger because players at this stage have no idea if they’re buying lottery tickets or betting against the results.

Before digging deeper into the confusion stemming from the prize categories and everything else about the gameplay methodology, let’s check out how much entries cost.

A single SuperEnalotto ticket in Italy is going to cost you one euro. If you buy an entry via Lotto247, the sum you’ll need to spend is going to be 1.99 euros. That’s a massive markup that makes ticket buying not the most affordable opportunity on the planet.

How are Lotto 247 Prizes Paid? split up what you win into three categories. Category A refers to the jackpot. Category B refers to the top prize non-jackpot. Category C refers to the rest of the fixed amount winnings.

Winning in Category A and Category B depends on how many winners there are. If your bet wins the jackpot and there are no winners in the official lottery draw, then you get the amount posted by the official lottery draw. If there are winners in and the official draw, then each winner is considered a share, and the jackpot is divided and paid out against the share.

The small print here got the team going around in circles, however.

First, says they pay out the same as what is posted in the official lottery draw. Then they get into some mumbo jumbo about the payout of Mega Millions and Powerball, saying that winners will be paid 60 percent of winnings in Category A if you’re going to get the lump sum (instead of an annuity) less of a percentage of the lump sum amount. This is to put you in the same “economic position” as if you’d played the real lottery. says they’ll pay out your winnings within ten working days of when they get the money either from the official lottery or the insurance company (yes, there’s an insurance company involved in the entire ordeal, as well!).

They do add that there could be other delays due to a security review of your identity. There is also something about 30 days to process upon notification you’ve won. If you want to take money out of your account, there is a minimum payment threshold of 10 euro that will have to be met. There are no charges for taking your money. But your account might not have as much as you think as the company has the right to pay out any jackpot in an annuity “over a reasonable period of time.”

Who Can Play at doesn’t list who can play but who can’t. You can’t play here if you are located in Curaçao, France, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Players need to be over the age of 18 to participate.

Lotto247 is quite popular among Indian players who have very limited access to betting opportunities. This is why it’s often being called Lotto247 India (even though the platform doesn’t operate from that part of the world).

Who Is Behind the Lotto247 App?

Before moving on to do a Lotto247 app download, let’s also talk about the entity behind this gaming opportunity.

Lotto247 is owned and operated by Secure View Services Ltd. that is based in Cyprus.

There are business registration and filing entries online; hence we can conclude that the company is legit, and it’s adhering to Cyprus regulations for corporate entities.

If you want to get in touch with them, however, good luck!

Live chat is available online during work hours. There’s no phone number listed for customer support. Instead, you will have to provide your number and wait for the team to get back to you.

Additional Bits and Pieces

There are sign up bonuses and free offers for new players, which is one of the reasons why Lotto247 appeals to so many people. One of the free signup opportunities is one Powerball gameplay opportunity, which is a nice way to welcome new players.

Going through reviews, we did not come across information about any big Lotto247 winners. Although the platform’s official website lists the names and pictures of people who have supposedly won, there’s absolutely no opportunity to verify their identifies or the respective amounts.

A final thing you should understand is that Lotto247 has an affiliate program.

This means that those who advertise the platform and get people to sign up will receive a commission. Hence, many of the positive Lotto247 reviews appear to be fake and created for the sole purpose of promotion.

Lotto247 Real or Fake: Bottom Line

With so many opportunities to buy lottery tickets for international games legitimately, Lotto247 doesn’t stand out. A platform that cannot state what it has to offer is most certainly not worthy of your trust.

Still, let’s summarize the pros and cons of this opportunity:


A good selection of international lotteries available

Sign up bonuses, and other perks are available

Players can benefit from multiple opportunities to fund their account and withdraw prizes

Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices are available


Confusing winning structure

It’s not clear whether this is a betting website or a ticket-buying website

If you want to benefit from the welcome bonuses, you can go ahead and register for an account. Based on all available information, however, Lotto247 isn’t a standout in terms of simplicity or benefits for long-term members. received 32 reviews with an average rating of 3.9. Read Lotto247 reviews before registering and consider what lottery players say about it. ]]>