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Malamaal lottery movie best comedy scene 😊 😋 😉 😚 😚

Comedy amazing

Comedy amazing

Johny liver aur Rajpal ki best comedy scene

Comedy amazing

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Comedy amazing

Johny liver aur Bobby ki best comedy

Comedy amazing

Om Puri aur Paresh Rawal ki best comedy scene 😁 🤣 😁 😂

Comedy amazing

Comedy amazing

Om Puri aur Paresh Rawal ki best comedy

Comedy amazing

Comedy amazing

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Malamaal lottery movie best comedy scene😊😋😉😚😚

Malamaal Weekly

Cast: Paresh Rawal, Riteish Deshmukh, Reemma, Sudha Chandran, Om Puri, Shakti Kapoor, Arbaaz Khan, Asrani, Rajpal Yadav, Rasika Joshi and Rakhee Sawant.
Director: Priyadarshan

Storyline: The story is set in a sleepy small town whose inhabitants struggle to make ends meet and wage a seemingly endless battle against poverty, poor crops and a rapacious moneylender. In this town lives Lilaram (Paresh Rawal), a seller of Malamaal Weekly lottery tickets.

It is a routine day. Lilaram is watching television when suddenly he sees the announcement that a lottery ticket he has sold has hit the jackpot. One among his customers who bought the ticket has won the Rs 1 crore bumper prize.

The announcement triggers a chain of thoughts in Lilaram’s mind. He knows not many people have access to the telly in that small town. Perhaps he is the only one who has heard the announcement. It is very likely that the winner is unaware of the grand news.

What if he is able to trace that winning ticket? Perhaps the prize will be his.

Lilaram is determined to track down the winning ticket.

Debt-ridden Lilaram decides to throw a party for all his 105 customers who have bought the Rs 1 crore ticket. The party is a huge burden on him and he is forced to sell his goat kid to host the party. The condition for all invitees: They must come with the bumper ticket.

All but one turn up for the party. The one missing buyer is Antony. Lilaram decides to catch Antony at his residence, but is shocked when he reaches Antony’s house. He finds Antony dead, in front of the TV, clutching his winning ticket. The shock of winning 1 crore has killed Antony!

The stage is now set for a rollicking twist and turn of events, in true Priyadarshan style.

Watch out for the movie!

Priyadarshan and Paresh Rawal make an unbeatable combination. The duo is reason enough to see the movie, hopefully.

Priyadarshan promises a rollicking ride in his new film starring Paresh Rawal. ]]>