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Howard Dvorkin
CPA, chairman, writer,
author of two personal finance books
Gerri Detweiler
Writer, expert on credit issues, author or co-author of six personal finance books
Steve Rhode
Writer, consumer debt expert, former syndicated personal finance advice columnist and radio host
Jacob Dayan
Writer, tax expert, former financial analyst.
Laura Adams
Writer, personal finance expert, podcast host, author of multiple personal finance books.

What Should I Do with $22,000 When I Have Reduced Pay Due to COVID?

A reader has money right now, but she has no idea what to do with it.

Howard Dvorkin

Do You Have Any Expert Advice on Saving for Retirement?

Four readers ask Chairman and CPA Howard Dvorkin how they can deal with debt and get better at saving for retirement.

Howard Dvorkin

Should I Use an Inherited IRA Pay Off Student Loans?

There’s one good reason to do it, but even more not to.

Howard Dvorkin

What’s Your Advice for Lending Money to Friends and Family?

It’s understandable to want to help friends and family financially. However, there are some important things you should consider before lending money.

Howard Dvorkin

Should I Pay Off My Student Loans or Get Better Terms on a New Mortgage?

A reader could pay their student loan debt in full, but it would mean getting a more expensive mortgage.

Denny Ceizyk

How Often is Your Credit Score Updated? chairman Howard Dvorkin, CPA, answers three questions from readers wondering when their credit scores will bounce back.

Howard Dvorkin

Is Usage-Based Car Insurance a Good Idea?

A reader worries she could end up paying more as her 17-year-old son starts driving.

Andrew Hurst

I’m Out of Work, So Which Debts Should I Pay? And Which Should I Ignore?

A reader doesn’t want to go into collections, so timing is everything.

Steve Rhode

Can My Credit Card Company Cut My Credit Limit Without Notice?

A reader is mad because it’s happened to her – and she’s never been late with a payment.

Howard Dvorkin

Is It a Good Time to Tap Home Equity and, If So, What’s the Best Way to Do It?

A homeowner wants to use equity for renovations but isn’t sure whether to refinance or get a second mortgage.

Denny Ceizyk

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