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$1 million lotto ticket sold in Dyersburg

(WMC-TV) – Who is the new millionaire in Dyersburg? That is the question most people in northwest Tennessee want answered.

A winning Hot Lotto ticket worth $1.97 million was bought at the All in One store on the bypass. That winner still has not come forward.

Store employees say the winning ticket was drawn Saturday night but they do not know when it was sold at the store.

“We’re excited to have sold the first winning ticket here,” said store manager Tammy Warden.

The $1.97 million Hot Lotto ticket is the first winning one to be sold in Tennessee.

“There’s rumors going around about who won it but I just hope it’s somebody from Dyersburg that need it and can change their life drastically,” said Dyersburg resident Pat Gill.

“I wish it was me. I wish I’d bought it. It’d be nice,” added Brittany Rogers, who also lives in Dyersburg.

All in One is a popular place to buy lottery tickets. Many people at the store said they never thought a win of that magnitude would come from Dyersburg.

But now, there is nearly $2 million just waiting on some lucky person to claim.

Lottery officials say with games like Hot Lotto, they have raised more than $2.8 billion for education in Tennessee.

Dyersburg residents are now eagerly waiting for someone to come forward and claim their prize.

“Every time you turn around, somebody’s talking about it,” said Dyersburg resident Jekel Vandiver.

If you have not done so already, be sure to check the numbers on your Hot Lotto ticket, sign the back, and bring valid identification with you if you are the lucky person who gets to claim a prize.

To check out the winning numbers on any Tennessee Lottery ticket and to find out more information about the new Hot Lotto game, click here:

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Who is the new millionaire in Dyersburg? That is the question most people in northwest Tennessee want answered. ]]>