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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Tours of Rupp Arena?

There are no public tours of Rupp Arena, but we do offer a self guided peek inside via a viewing window that overlooks the lower bowl. Simply come to the Lexington Center Corporate Offices on the second level of the Shops at Lexington Center. Say a quick hello to our receptionist and sign in at the desk, walk through our hall of fame, and you’ll find a viewing window where you can get a sneak peak inside of the arena. Access to the window is Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm (closed on Holidays). No appointment is necessary, but call ahead (859) 233.4567 that day to see if the window will be closed, occasionally the windows may be blocked.

Visit Rupp Arena virtually through our online tour, stand center court or walk across stage. See inside with our virtual tour at

What is the risk in buying a ticket from a secondary ticket agency or a scalper?

With the rise in the number of “secondary ticket agencies / scalpers”, we have experienced an increase in the number of invalid tickets being presented at our entrance gates. The ONLY authorized ticket sales agents for Rupp Arena are:

  • Lexington Center Ticket Office
  • Ticketmaster Outlets
  • Ticketmaster Charge-by-phone

Rupp Arena is not able to honor, replace or refund invalid tickets. Invalid tickets must be confiscated by the Lexington Center Ticket Office. A copy of the tickets, which may be used to alert the point of purchase, will be provided at the customer’s request.

Customers with invalid tickets are welcome to purchase valid tickets at the Lexington Center Ticket Office – seating location and price based upon availability.

Can I leave the event and return on the same ticket?

Generally, no. Once you’ve entered ticketed space during an arena event, there are no passes out. Exceptions can be made, however, in an emergency situation. Please locate the Guest Services location to consult with a supervisor.

Do I have to purchase a ticket for my child?

This depends on which show you want to attend. Generally any child under 2 doesn’t require a ticket. For all UK events, however, everyone must have a ticket no matter the age. Please contact the Rupp Arena Ticket Office at 859-233-3535 to find out if you need a ticket for your child.

What hotels are close by?

The Hyatt Hotel is adjacent to Rupp Arena. The Hilton Lexington/Downtown is located one block from Rupp Arena. There are a multitude of other hotels/motels within a five-mile radius of Rupp Arena. Please refer to the Hotel Information for a listing of these properties.

Can I park my RV in your parking lot?

During an arena event, you may park an RV in the Rupp Arena parking lots. The rate is $30. Please note that overnight parking is prohibited and power is not available in the parking lots.

I have a bad back, can I bring in a stadium seat?

Personal chairbacks are allowed, but the following restrictions apply; maximum width 18 inches, must not have any hard plastic or metal parts.

Can I bring my camera in tonight?

Please check the individual event page for specific information on that event’s photo policy.

My cell phone takes pictures and/or video, can I bring it in the arena?

Generally, yes. There are very few events that prohibit cell phone camera use. Please check the individual event link for specific information. Note that selfie sticks are NOT allowed in the Arena.

Do you allow strollers inside Rupp Arena?

Umbrella strollers are permitted inside the arena. A guest services staff (dressed in a bright yellow jacket) will help you place your stroller in an assigned storage area located close to your section.

I’m coming to the event with someone who has accessible needs, can I sit with him or her?

Yes. Each accessible seat can be sold up to with four (3) companion seats. It is necessary to notify the ticket seller when purchasing your tickets that you require accessible seating and companion seats.

Where is guest services located?

There are Guest Service booths located at each entrance into the arena. Once an event has started, there is a Guest Service location on the arena concourse across from Section 16.

What do I do if I lose my wallet during an event?

Check with Guest Services prior to leaving an event if you’ve lost something. If the item has not been located during the event, please call Rupp Arena Security the next day at 859-233-4567, ext. 100 and inquire if it was located.

Is there security in the parking lots?

Rupp Arena’s parking lots are well lit during and up to one hour after the conclusion of the event.

How do I participate in a ticket lottery at Rupp Arena?

Be in line at the Rupp Arena lobby for the lottery at the time advertised (normally 9:00 am on the on-sale date). Anyone arriving after the initial line is processed will not be allowed to participate in the lottery, however, they are welcome to stay at Rupp Arena and get in line behind all lottery participants once the show goes on sale.

How does the lottery work?

Lottery participants are issued a sequentially numbered two-part ticket as they pass a single distribution point. The participant retains one part of the ticket and the other part is retained by the person conducting the lottery. Once all of the participants are issued their ticket and placed in single file according to the numbers issued, a single ticket is drawn from the numbers retained by the lottery operator which will designate the first person able to purchase tickets.

As an example, if 200 people were to participate in the lottery and the corresponding numbers issued were #1 – #200 and #84 was the number drawn, whoever had ticket # 84 would be the first person eligible to purchase tickets. Participants would then be moved to the exterior ticket office windows with the person with holding ticket # 84 becoming the first person able to purchase tickets. Participants would then be lined up in accordance to their respective ticket number (# 84 first, # 85 second, # 86 third, etc. until the end of the line # 200 is reached.

Once the end of the initial line is reached then the line would form beginning with # 1 and continue through # 83. After all of the participants of the lottery are placed in line, anyone who came after the lottery began would be allowed to line up at the end of the line of the lottery participants.

Can I use a credit card for lottery ticket purchases?

Yes. The Rupp Arena ticket office accepts all major credit cards in addition to cash. If cash is needed, there is an ATM located on the first floor level of the Shops at Lexington Center adjacent to the escalator.

I was close to the front of the line at the lottery when tickets went on sale? Why were my tickets not very close to the stage?

When tickets go on sale at the Rupp Arena Ticket Office for a show, all other ticketing opportunities such as outlets, phone lines and the Ticketmaster website go on sale simultaneously. With all of these options available for ticket buyers it is possible to sell in excess of a thousand tickets a minute thus being able to sell out an event very quickly.

If I need accessible tickets do I need to participate in the lottery?

No. Accessible tickets are sold from another ticket window and patrons needing those tickets will not need to stand in line with a ticket. Please note that for each accessible ticket sold up to four (4) companion seats are available.

NOTE: While accessible patrons do not need to participate in the lottery, it is advisable to come to Rupp Arena the day the tickets go on sale to obtain tickets. There are a limited number of accessible tickets available for each show based on the arena setup.

Let’s say the number has been drawn and my ticket puts me close to the end of the line. Can I give my money to my friend who is closer to the front of the line to buy my tickets?

Yes, as long as the total number of tickets purchased by your friend does not exceed the ticket limit established by the promoter for the on-sale. (This number varies from show to show. Contact the Rupp Arena Ticket Office at 859-233-3535 or for the ticket limit for the show you are interested in attending.)

Do I have to participate in the ticket lottery to purchase tickets the day they go on sale?

No. Tickets may be purchased at any ticket outlet, via phone through Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000, via the Rupp Arena ticket office at 859-233-3535 or online at

Where is the nearest ATM?


Hyatt Regency-Lexington

401 W. High Street

Lexington, KY 40507

Hilton Lexington Downtown

369 W. Vine Street

Lexington, KY 40507

Republic Bank

333 West Vine Street, Suite 102

Lexington, KY 40507

The Square

401 West Main Street

Lexington, KY 40507

Central Bank

300 West Main Street

Lexington, KY 40507

Bank of America

325 West Main St.

Lexington, KY 40507

Fifth Third Bank

250 West Main Street

Lexington, KY 40507


200 West Vine Street

Lexington, KY 40507

Chase ATM

201 East Main Street

Lexington, KY 40507

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Box Office (859) 233-3535

How can I buy tickets to an event?

Tickets can be purchased online, via phone by calling the Lexington Center Box Office at 1(859)233-3535, or in person by visiting the Lexington Center Ticket Office at 430 West Vine St., Lexington, Kentucky 40507.

What are the camera policies for events?

Please check the individual event pages for specific information on that event’s photo policy.

What are your ticket office hours?

The Lexington Center Ticket Office hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Weekend hours vary.

Can I leave the event and return on the same ticket?

Generally, no. Once you’ve entered ticketed space during an arena event, there are no passes out. Exceptions can be made, however, in an emergency situation. Please locate the Guest Services location to consult with a supervisor.

Frequently Asked Questions. Find the answers you need about your event at Rupp Arena.

NBA executive weighs in on Kentucky’s top prospects

Boston and Jackson are still first-rounders, but Clarke is a major question mark.

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Louisville Courier-Journal-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats currently sit at their worst record in almost 100 years, and are on the brink of just their third losing season in about nine decades, the last one taking place when Eddie Sutton was head coach in Lexington.

Despite the horrid play on the court, Kentucky seemed to have one of the most talented rosters, top-to-bottom, in the entire country before the season started. They were the only program in the country to land two top-10 recruits in the class of 2020 via BJ Boston and Terrence Clarke.

So that begs that question; where do these players stand in terms of leaving and getting drafted, or returning to Kentucky for next season?

Kentucky Sports Radio’s Aaron Torres did a deep dive on this question and talked to an NBA executive on Kentucky’s pro prospects.

Here’s what was said on BJ Boston, arguably Kentucky’s most likely pro prospect:

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

“He takes bad shots, but he’s made those tough shots in the past,” the exec said.

“As crazy as it sounds, he’s still a legitimate NBA prospect for 2021, and not just an NBA Draft prospect, but a first round guy,” the exec said. “One, because he’s just so talented. And two, the value in guys in his mold and three, there’s a lacking depth once you get past the top seven or eight guys in this class.”

“If you’re picking No. 18, 20, 21, it means you’re a playoff contending team,” the exec said. “So you add a BJ Boston to a playoff contender who can be a little more patient with him, and hope that in year two, year three, year four, he can be really good.”

While Boston’s stock has drastically fallen since the beginning of the season, this NBA executive believes that Boston is still a first-rounder no matter what. So don’t expect him to be in Lexington for another season.

Here is what was said of Terrence Clarke, Kentucky’s biggest question mark small forward who has missed the past six games:

Louisville Courier-Journal-USA TODAY Sports

“Is that a legitimate injury, or is there something more to it?” the exec wondered. “And he already didn’t start off on solid footing because of some shaky intel. And you have potentially those same issues popping up at Kentucky. Now, if it is a serious ankle injury [that’s a different conversation].”

“When he returns, how does he look?” the exec said. “And how he looks is definitely going either enhance or hurt his draft standing, as a lottery potential guy, or someone who might fall out of the first round.”

Clarke is clearly Kentucky’s biggest question mark and is not currently projected as a first-round draft pick.

Here is part of what was said of Isaiah Jackson, who is Kentucky’s second projected first-rounder:

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

“He’s been up and down,” the exec said. “He’s the guy who drew all the rave reviews in the lead-up to the season. And he had two or three games this year where he looks like a potential Top 10 draft pick, and other games where he looks like he needs to go back to college for another two or three years.”=

It should be noted that in Sports Illustrated’s newest mock draft, BJ Boston was projected to be drafted 18th overall by the Houston Rockets, which could be a good play-style for him to fit into.

Isaiah Jackson was the only other Wildcat in the first round of the mock, going 25th overall to the 76ers.

Boston and Jackson are still first-rounders, but Clarke is a major question mark. ]]>