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What is the Mega Millions Megaplier and How Does it Work?

27th November 2017 3:37 PM

Mega Millions Megaplier increases the value of any non-jackpot prizes by 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x. This supplementary feature is offered in most states and it costs an additional $1. You must opt in when you play your numbers for the main game, you cannot add it to your ticket at a later date. The Megaplier is drawn before the drawings on Tuesday and Friday nights and is taken from a pool of 15 balls.

How Does Mega Millions Megaplier Work?

First of all, select your main Mega Millions lines or use a Quick Pick to let the computer generate them for you. To add the Megaplier option, simply mark the box on your playslip that says ‘Yes’ next to ‘Megaplier’. You can then sit back, relax and wait for the winning numbers to be announced after the drawing.

Of the 15 Megaplier balls, there are five worth 2x, six worth 3x, three bearing a 4x multiplier and one 5x ball. Whichever one comes out on the night dictates the number by which all Megaplier players’ prizes are multiplied for that drawing.

Megaplier prizes range from $4 when you match just the Mega Ball on a 2x Megaplier, up to $5 million for matching five main numbers with a 5x Megaplier. The equivalent non-Megaplier prize values would be $2 and £1 million, respectively.

You can view a breakdown of the Megaplier prizes offered as well as the odds of each Megaplier number being drawn on the Mega Millions prizes page. Players are eligible to win Megaplier prizes in all participating states, except for California.

Match 5 Megaplier Prizes

There have been a total of 28 $5 million prizes awarded since October 2013 and Mega Millions is the only jackpot game where the supplementary option offers $5 million for a multiplied Match 5 prize. The maximum payout offered by Powerball’s Match 5 tier is $2 million, no matter which Power Play number is drawn. The non-Power Play Prize is $1 million.

It is possible to apply the 5x All Star Bonus multiplier to the Match 5 tier in Lotto America but, as that is a smaller-scale lottery, the regular award is $20,000 and the top possible multiplier prize is $100,000.

Megaplier Winners

Gladys Salzwedel, a 68-year-old from Oakley, Michigan, bought a Mega Millions ticket with the Megaplier option for the drawing on October 27th. She matched the five main numbers 17, 27, 41, 51, and 52, just missing out on the Mega Ball, which was 13. The Megaplier in the drawing was 5x, meaning Gladys became $5 million richer.

On finding out about the win, Gladys commented, “It’s such a blessing to win and be able to retire without having to worry.” She bought the winning ticket at an Admiral gas station on Brady Rd in Chesaning. You can read more about the $5 million Mega Millions win by visiting the news page.

On August 22nd, two ticket holders from Arkansas matched four main numbers plus the Mega Ball with the 4x Megaplier, winning $20,000 each. If they had not opted for the Megaplier, the players would have won a prize worth $5,000.

In the same drawing, there was also one Match 4 winner with Megaplier who is now $2,000 richer, compared with the regular Match 4 prize of $500. Since this drawing, the prize payout for the Match 4 Numbers and Mega Ball has increased to $10,000. Read more about the recent changes to prize payouts on the Mega Millions Changes page.

Tuesday’s Mega Millions Jackpot

Tomorrow’s Mega Millions jackpot is an estimated $132 million, as the jackpot has rolled over 12 consecutive times with no top prize winner. There’s plenty of time to buy a ticket from any local authorized retailer or pick your numbers online. You can find more details about Tuesday’s drawing and check how much time you have left to pick up a ticket here. Details of the winning numbers will be made available after the drawing on the Latest Numbers section. Make sure to check back after the drawing to see if you are due a payout!

The Mega Millions Megaplier is a supplementary option that you can add to your Mega Millions ticket to increase the value of any non-jackpot prizes won.

Want to Play the Mega Millions Lottery? Here’ How

Could You Be the Next Mega Millions Winner?

Mega Millions, like Powerball, is a multistate lottery in the United States. Tickets for the Mega Millions Lottery can be purchased in all but five states, as well as Washington, DC and the U.S. Virgin Islands  .

Each jackpot starts at a sum determined by ticket sales and interest. If no one wins the jackpot, the next drawing will be even larger, with the jackpot increasing each time.

Note: The jackpot has changed from its previous structure. Up until April 3, 2020, each Mega Millions jackpot started at $40 million and increased by $5 million for every drawing that does not produce a jackpot winner.  

History of the Mega Millions Lottery

When Mega Millions kicked off in August of 1996, it was known as “The Big Game.”   Only six states participated at first, but as the lottery grew in popularity, more joined in. Now, nearly every U.S. jurisdiction participates, with only five states abstaining.

Since it began, the name has changed twice: to “The Big Game Mega Millions” in 2002 and to “Mega Millions,” as it’s known today, in 2005.

In October 2017, Mega Millions changed its structure, making it harder to win the jackpot but easier to win a million-dollar prize. The changes also resulted in larger jackpots, with the size of the starting jackpot growing by nearly three times its size. A similar redesign was made five years earlier, in October 2012.

The October 2017 Mega Million changes included raising ticket prices from $1 to $2 apiece, dropping the number of white balls from 75 to 70, and having 25 numbers to choose among for the Mega Ball instead of 15. The starting jackpot increased from $15 million to $40 million. A “Just the Jackpot” option ticket was also added and some of the non-jackpot payouts were increased.

These changes put Mega Millions more in line with the Powerball lottery, which has been attracting attention due to its record-breaking jackpots.

Mega Millions broke the record for the United States’ largest lottery jackpot when a $656 million prize was awarded on March 30, 2012. Since then, two Powerball jackpots have broken that record, with a $1,586.4 billion prize awarded on January 13, 2016, and a $758.7 million jackpot awarded on August 23, 2017. Mega Millions currently holds the records for the third- and fourth-largest U.S. jackpots.

How Do You Play Mega Millions?

To play the Mega Millions lottery, you must pick five numbers between 1 and 70 and one additional number between 1 and 25. The additional number is known as the “Mega Ball.” The first five numbers do not have to be in any particular order.

As with Powerball, each type of ball has its own color. The five balls numbered from 1 to 70 are white and the Mega Ball is gold.

A basic Mega Millions ticket costs $2. Most states also offer a “Megaplier” option, where you pay $1 per ticket to multiply any prize you win (other than the jackpot) by two, three, four, or five. The value of the Megaplier is drawn at random at the same time that the winning numbers are generated.

You have the option to choose your lottery numbers yourself or to use the quick pick option and let the computer randomly generate the numbers you will play.

As of October 28, 2017, some states offer a “Just the Jackpot” ticket. The Just the Jackpot ticket gives you two tickets for just $3, but those tickets are only eligible to win jackpots, not any of the lower-tier prizes.

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How Do You Win the Mega Millions Lottery?

Mega Millions’ winning numbers are drawn from two drums, one containing 70 balls and one containing 25 balls. The first five numbers are drawn from the first drum, and the Mega Ball is drawn from the second drum. A seventh number is then drawn, which determines the level of the Megaplier, which can range from 2 to 5 times the prize value.

If your five numbers match the five drawn from the first drum in any order, and your Mega Ball matches the number drawn from the second drum, you’ve won the jackpot. It’s also possible to win a secondary prize for matching a fewer number of balls, as outlined below.

Mega Millions Payouts

  • 5 numbers plus the Mega Ball: The rolling jackpot.
  • 5 numbers without the Mega Ball: $1,000,000 (multiplied by the Megaplier value, if you purchased that option).
  • 4 numbers plus the Mega Ball: $10,000 (multiplied by the Megaplier value, if you purchased that option).
  • 4 numbers without the Mega Ball: $500 (multiplied by the Megaplier value, if you purchased that option).
  • 3 numbers plus the Mega Ball: $200 (multiplied by the Megaplier value, if you purchased that option).
  • 3 numbers without the Mega Ball: $10 (multiplied by the Megaplier value, if you purchased that option).
  • 2 numbers plus the Mega Ball: $10 (multiplied by the Megaplier value, if you purchased that option).
  • 1 number plus the Mega Ball: $4 (multiplied by the Megaplier value, if you purchased that option).
  • Only the Mega Ball: $2 (multiplied by the Megaplier value, if you purchased that option).

The value of the jackpot will be announced before ticket sales begin.

Odds of Winning the Mega Millions Lottery:

  • 5 numbers plus the Mega Ball (Jackpot): Odds of 1 in 302,575,350.
  • 5 numbers without the Mega Ball: Odds of 1 in 12,607,306.
  • 4 numbers plus the Mega Ball: Odds of 1 in 931,001.
  • 4 numbers without the Mega Ball: Odds of 1 in 38,792.
  • 3 numbers plus the Mega Ball: Odds of 1 in 14,547.
  • 3 numbers without the Mega Ball: Odds of 1 in 606.
  • 2 numbers plus the Mega Ball: Odds of 1 in 693.
  • 1 number plus the Mega Ball: Odds of 1 in 89.
  • Only the Mega Ball: Odds of 1 in 37.
  • Overall odds of winning any prize: 1 in 24.

These odds are from April 7, 2020. To see whether the odds have changed since then, visit the Mega Millions website.

How Can You Find Out If You Won the Mega Millions Jackpot?

Mega Millions winners are drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:00 p.m. You can buy tickets up to 15 minutes before that time.

Winning numbers are announced on television, in newspapers, and in the stores where you can buy tickets, or you can find them by simply visiting the Mega Millions website (though you can’t buy tickets online).

If you’d like to see the drawings on your own schedule, check out the Mega Millions YouTube page.

Many of the state lottery websites also have handy lottery apps or RSS feeds that can keep you abreast of the latest winning numbers.

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Do You Have to Go Public If You’re a Mega Millions Winner?

In all but five states, you have to reveal your identity publicly if you are a Mega Millions winner. The states that allow you to collect your winnings anonymously are Maryland, Ohio, Kansas, Delaware, and North Dakota.

More Info: Read more about what you can do to protect your privacy if you win a jackpot: Which States Allow Lottery Winners to Remain Anonymous?

If You Win the Mega Millions Jackpot, How Will You Get Your Prize?

If you win the jackpot, have the choice of two payout options: a lump-sum payout or an annuity. The annuity will be paid out over 29 years, receiving 5 percent more each year than the year before. If the winner passes away before the annuity has been paid out, his or her heirs will continue to receive the payments.

If the winner takes the lump-sum payout, he or she will receive the entire jackpot at once, and will also be responsible for taxes on the entire amount at once. People who take the annuity option pay taxes on their winnings each year.

Which States Do Not Participate in the Mega Millions Lottery?

The Mega Millions Lottery is not offered in Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, or Utah. That only means that the tickets are not sold in those states. Residents can purchase Mega Millions tickets if they travel to states where they are sold.

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