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Artem versus Grigory

The first round of Speedway European Championships is closer and closer. On June 20th at MotoArena the best speedway riders in Europe will face each other and among them . brothers Artem and Grigory Laguta.

In the history of Individual European Championships under the auspices of One Sport we already had the opportunity to watch the start of the two Russians. In 2013, in Togliatti Grigory and Artem stood in front of the tape in heat number twelve. Grigory won but only a few days ago the younger of Laguta brothers showed who is betterand won with a maximum at MotoArena in Toruń during SEC Challenge.

It is worth noting that Artem and Grigory started their adventure with Polish league in Lokomotiv Daugavpils and then they started in Włókniarz Częstochowa. Then they parted ways which meant that at some time we had the opportunity to observe fight between them.

– If the organizers prepare the same surface on the first round of SEC, then I’ll be really happy. It’s always good to race and discover new lines on a given track. On Saturday, there will be all the best speedway riders in Europe. Fighting with my brother? This is nothing new. Often we are racing against each other. Although it’s always fun to win with my brother and show who is better (laughter) – says Artem Laguta who will start with number # 222 in SEC.

On June 20th at MotoArena, which is Grigory’s home track, the older of the brothers will want to show that worse result in SEC Challenge was only an accident and he will certainly fight for every point on the whole track. Fighting on elbows provided!

The list of the riders starting in SEC 2015:
Emil Sayfutdinov, Peter Kildemand, Nicki Pedersen, Martin Vaculik, Janusz Kołodziej, Artem Laguta, Hans Andersen, Tomasz Jędrzejak, Piotr Protasiewicz, Vaclav Milik, Grigory Laguta, Przemysław Pawlicki, Tomasz Gollob, Paweł Przedpełski (WC)

The cheapest tickets are possible to buy for 10 PLN! Additionally on the occasion of the end of school year it is possible to buy special “school ticket” for 2 PLN (available with a package with normal ticket) for green and yellow zone.

Ticket prices for the inaugural round of Speedway European Championships (20th June, MotoArena Toruń)
Blue zone:
Normal ticket: 40 PLN
Reduced ticket: 20 PLN
Green zone:
Normal ticket: 25 PLN
Reduced ticket: 10 PLN
School ticket: 2 PLN *
* is valid only for green and yellow zone – it will be only possible to buy ticket additionally to normal ticket which means that a parent who buys normal ticket for green zone has a possibility to buy school ticket for 2 PLN
School ticket is valid only for people under 16 with school id.

Reduced ticket can be bought for children and teenagers under 18 and for students with id under 26 and for pensioners with valid id.
Children up to seven years old – free entrance with parents (without particular place at the stadium)
Red zone:
Normal ticket: 150 PLN
VIP ticket: 650 PLN
VIP ticket includes:
– a seat on the Main Tribune
– access to the VIP area with free catering and access to alcohol
– bag with gift
– event program
– entrance for after party
Additions to the ticket:
– Event program – 10 PLN
– CAR PARK “B” – 10 PLN
PADDOCK PASS package includes:
– Entrance to the paddock before the competition (between 3 p. m. – 5:45 p. m.), and after the podium ceremony
– Event program
– Invitation to the after party
Attention: PADDOCK PASS package does not entitle to enter the competition!
MEET & GREET PRACTICE package includes:
– entrance to the paddock after the official training (training will begin at 12:00)
– entrance for the official training
– autograph card
Attention! PRACTICE MEET & GREET package does not entitle to enter the competition!

 The first round of Speedway European Championships is closer and closer. On June 20th at MotoArena the best speedway riders in Europe will face each other and among them … brothers Artem and Grigory Laguta.

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